RK Print Pack Corrugation division known as Mittal Packers.
Get Best quality Corrugated with us, A prominent place for packaging material. Our Corrugation division provides a complete range of corrugation products i.e master cartons, mono cartons, angle boards, corrugated pallets, die-cut items, interior packaging, unit cartons. We are India's leading flexible packaging company that provides you the best corrugation services. We use one of the best materials for making corrugated paper board containers.


About Corrugation

Corrugation division provides complete range of
corrugation products i.e.

  • Master carton
  • Mono cartons
  • Angle boards
  • Corrugated pallets
  • Die cuts iems
  • Interior packaging
  • Unit cartons

Our Infrastructure

Corrugation Machine

  • 52" semi automatic 'C' flute Hi-speed corrugated machine
  • 52" semi automatic 'B' flute Hi-speed corrugated machine
  • 45" semi automatic 'E' flute Hi-speed corrugated machine

Conversion Machines

  • Pasting Machines (all motorized) of 85")

    Each with processing capacity of 8000 sheets of 7 Ply in 8 hours.

  • Die Cutting Machines

    Capable of accurately cutting cartons for air conditioning units

  • Flat Bed Die Punching Machine

  • Stitching Machines (all motorized)

    Diesel Generators for uninterrupted captive power generation board printing Machine (size 75” X 100”)

  • Bar Rotary Machines (all motorized)

    For creasing and Cutting of corrugated sheets.

  • Power Slotters motorized 84”

    For slotting any size Board Cutters for cutting corrugated rolls Double Color Flexo Printing Machines (size 75” X 100“) Lamina Flute Laminator, Automatic Stitching Machines


Testing Equipment

Gsm Tester , Brust factor machine , Paper and box moisture tester , Viscocity Meter ,Micro Meter